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3 Ways to Gain the Business Referrals, Favors, and Connections


Helping Them Get Theirs First

Are you looking to score a meeting with one of the head honchos in your industry but can’t even get the time of day?

Are you looking to gain respect and esteem at your place of business or within your chosen field but can’t seem to find anyone to take you seriously to this end?

Are you looking for someone to do you a huge favor by helping to promote your newest show or event but can’t find the right partner to do so?

There’s a simple solution to three questions above and it lies in the form of another question. How have you helped the person you’re looking for something from?

If you’re looking for someone to add value in your personal or professional life, you must find a way to add value to the life of the person you’re looking for something from.

Can you connect that person to someone they’ve been looking to meet? This doesn’t have to be a direct referral from you, but you can certainly start the chain of events that lead to the desired connection.

Can you barter services? If you’re so confident your products, services, or skills are top-notch; you should have no problem using them to trade for favors or to off-set the cost of a higher priced product or service you’re in need of.

Can you make the person’s life a little easier? When hearing or reading about (or to whatever level of creative stalker that you are) a personal need of the individual you’ll be making an ask of, go out of your way to find a solution to that person’s problem. I.e.—this person complains about their lousy dentist, that’s great because you know a great dentist and can make that referral in an instant. Tell Dentist John Doe, that Josh Rivedal sent you.

Can you let them know you’re thinking of them? In some instances; sending a brief email, text, or a quick phone call during the day is always nice. So is physically clipping or emailing a magazine article that’s relevant to their business or personal life.

Let the person you’re needing something from, know that you’re a human being and you care about them—do this over an extended period of time and even for people who you don’t need anything from, and watch your personal and professional life expand and grow to meet and even surpass your wildest dreams.

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