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Time Does Not Always Equal Money


Here’s a little tweak for you if you’re trying to get better at selling your services, products, or anything in between.

When writing out your marketing copy or your thirty second pitch, figure out how to talk about what you do in relation to your target consumer and how they spend their time.

For example:

  • Spend time with me and learn the basics of Spanish grammar in three weeks.
  • Work with me as your marketing manager and spend your time on what really counts: your billable hours (or with family…know thy audience)

The way people spend their time is highly personal because it’s something we can never get any more of. Therefore when asking your customer to spend their time with you or what it is you have to offer, your value statement better promise (and then deliver) an unforgettable experience or free them up to have more time to do something else—that is what they’ll pay for.

Not everything is about dollar signs. Time is a natural resource more precious than anything traded on the commodities market. Find a way to show and tell people what you have is a valuable expenditure of their time and they’ll find a way to give you more of theirs along with currency followed by a certain promised land called Word-of-Mouth Referrals.


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